exclusively local & seasonal 

Chloris Floral is a floral design studio located in beautiful Petaluma, California in Sonoma County's wine country. 100% of our flowers are sourced from local farms that grow using organic practices in Sonoma & Marin counties. Chloris Floral specializes in showcasing these exquisite blooms in lush, romantic arrangements. There is such loveliness in each season's bounty. 

There is tremendous beauty found in the careful tending of flowers by the hardworking local farmers who grow them. Their commitment—to growing blooms without harmful chemicals, to making sustainable choices, to preserving and enhancing our environment—is worth supporting, promoting, and echoing.  

photo credit |  paige green

photo credit | paige green

betany coffland, owner

A breathtaking piece of music, an exquisite bloom—these are the things that move my soul. The name Chloris Floral combines my two artistic endeavors: I’m both a floral designer and a Juilliard-trained professional opera singer. 

I design floral arrangements for weddings and events, create installations for editorial work, and teach floral design workshops.  

I am proud to be a member of Slow Flowers and to have had my work featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Slow Flowers Podcast, & Florists' Review.



Chloris is the Greek goddess of flowers and the heroine of my favorite French art song, A Chloris by Reynaldo Hahn. It's a song that stirs a deep sense of gratitude for my flower and music-filled life whenever I hear it. 

You can hear a recording of me singing A Chloris below:


now you'll find me...

  • a field of flowers! I harvest most of the flowers for our events myself. Being surrounded by all of that beauty is my heaven.
  • listening to Beethoven while drinking my morning tea...
  • reading a Jane Austen novel (again)
  • hiking our beautiful Sonoma and Marin county trails with my sweet husband, Joseph
  • working on my musically-inspired bouquet project
  • ...preparing for my next singing gig! To learn more, visit my performance website.
photo credit |  paige green

photo credit | paige green